Platform for Holistic User Interfaces

What is the EmotionBike?

Based on the EmotionBike we investigate new ways of human-computer interaction. The Concept is based on a stationary bike trainer, which enables a person to navigate in a virtual world or acts as a game controller. A camera captures and analyzes facial expressions.

EmotionBike Project

The focus of the EmotionBike project is to estimate the users mood based on 3D-Camera data. Additional physiological sensors are captured and analyzed. A data analysis enabled to assess the bodies’ reactions including stress and exhaustion.


One aim of the project is to build systems that react intelligent on the gauged emotional and physical reactions. Such a emotional dialog is relevant for many application domains including entertainment & fitness.

The Team

The university team is currently composed of bachelor, master and doctoral students as well as different faculty members of the faculty of engineering and computer science.